terms of trade regarding all trade with Charly Knows Better (From here on mentioned as the company)

The company provides products and services.
All correspondence with the company is happening through email
Training is done within the client's responsibility.

Payment: All prices are set inclusive VAT. Payment regarding meal plans and workout programs online, is required to be performed with VISA and Mastercard if anything else hasn't been agreed upon. Payment regarding personal plans are required to be done before the start of the course. It's a possibility to split the payment into rates, depending on the length of the course. The possibility of splitting up the payment demands that your course is three months or longer. When the company has received the client's payment, it's considered an order; hence, the following terms of trade apply:

Safety: The company uses a safe SSL-encrypted payment solution to secure payments and personal data of clients. These informations is available and treated by data processors and employees of the company. Employees do not process information regarding your payment solution to the company.

Delivery: Meal plans and workout programs are delivered as PDF. Files or word documents through email. The delivery time can be expected to be between 2-3 working days, even though a longer deliverance can be necessary in certain instances. Your email address must be registered correctly. As a client, you'll receive your receipt through email.

Cancellation: As the product delivered is a personal service, your cancellation right is withdrawn.

License rights: Sharing and/or distributing the company's material are not allowed in any way without written permission from the company. Actions that defies the license rights will result in a lawsuit. Meal plans and/or workout programs are for personal use only. All copying beyond personal use, and further illegal distribution are forbidden. You hold the responsibility for your meal plans and/or workout programs doesn't get distributed to others.

Text and images: Text and images from the company's website belong to the company. The company owns all text and images that appear on the website, inclusive of the copyright. Text and images from the company's website can not be copied, distributed, or used without written permission from the licensee. All rights are reserved. Violation of the mentioned rights are reportable for compensation.

Reservations: Misspelling and errors in information and prices may appear on the website.